Lithium Batteries
Now available from Absorbed Power, the newest and most resilient batteries of the modern era. Lithium packs, cells and starting batteries offer unseen performance and reliability in light weight units.

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AGM Batteries
AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology is now the gold standard for both starting and deep cycle batteries for all types of applications. The incredible endurance, reliability, weight savings and lifetime of AGM's sets them apart from standard lead-acid batteries.

• Sealed and Maintenance-Free
• Fully compliant with Sealed Battery Requirements for ships, boats and yachts
• Excellent CCA
• Competitively Priced
• Guaranteed Longer Service Life than other Wet Cell and Gel Acid batteries
• Multi-Purpose Uses
• High Discharge Rate
• Long Shelf Life
• Fast Charging (up to 150 amps)

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Choose The Right Battery
To assist you in narrowing down the batteries in our range that are right for your appliction, simply choose your intention from the list below.

Completely Sealed

Absorbed Power Batteries are completely sealed, this makes them maintenance free, locks away the dangerous gases and that they continue to work even if submerged!
12 Volt AGM
Replace your antiquated lead / acid batteries with one of these.

The 12 Volt Range
6 Volt AGM / Gel
The best 6 Volt AGM's around with the added robustness of Gel technology.

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